Summer Sweepstake: fly Business or First Class for FREE

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Today (June 12, 2015): win 2 American Airlines upgrades and fly Business or First Class for free.


Today, I launch my Summer Blog Giveaway: I am giving away one systemwide upgrade (from Economy to Business, or Business to First Class) with American Airlines to 2 lucky readers of my blog!

There are 2 ways to enter the sweepstake:

One systemwide upgrade can be won by signing up for my newsletter and leaving a comment on this post. This is how to enter:

  • STEP 1: Sign up for my luxury travel newsletter (3x/week) by entering your email address in the box located on the right side (desktop) or bottom (tablet, smartphone) of this page. If you are subscribed already, then no need to do this again.
  • STEP 2: Share your favorite airline in the comments (below this post).

Another systemwide upgrade will be won by one follower of my social media. This is how to enter:

  • STEP 1: Follow me on FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram.
  • STEP 2: Share your favorite airline in a comment on one of my social media posts using the hashtag #LTEsweepstake.

An American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade entitles you to an upgrade of one class (Economy to Business, or Business to First) on all flights of a one way itinerary that is operated by American Airlines or American Eagle (if upgrade space is available). So, your next trip may take place in the following cabin:

American Airlines 777-300ER business class
American Airlines 777-300ER business class

American Airlines’ Business Class in their Boeings 777-300ER is awesome, as you can read here in my trip report. American Airlines is currently also updating the Business Class product on their older Boeing 777-200 and 767 planes. Being an American Airlines Executive Platinum member entitles me to 8 systemwide upgrades per year, and since I will not be able to consume all of them by February 2016, I am giving away 2 upgrades in this summer blog giveaway. American Airlines features one my top 10 list of airlines with the world’s best Business Class, so this is your chance to try their awesome new product.

This giveaway has tremendous value to you if you have a trip booked (or will book a trip) that meets the following conditions:

  • Paid ticket (not award).
  • Flights must have American Airlines flight numbers.
  • Flights must be operated by American Airlines or American Eagle (not partners).
  • Upgrade space must be available on your flights.
  • The entire one way itinerary must be flown before 28th February 2016.

Enter the competition before 10 July 2016 at 11.59 pm CET. Two lucky winner will be randomly selected and receive one upgrade each.

Enjoy the weekend and stay tuned for Monday when we reveal a new top 10 travel list.

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  1. I’ve flown American Airlines from way before they even started their Admirals Club, and would really enjoy their new Triple 7’s Business Class seating for my wife and me on a trip to London.

  2. Fiji Airways! You can’t beat an amazing crew and a flight to a South Pacific paradise.

  3. I’m a big fan of Lufthansa because of their diversity of aircraft types and the fact that their an all-around good airline.

  4. Our favorite airline is Alaska because it’s local, we most recently flew Business class on Air France and it was fantastic

  5. My travel philosophy for years has worked well: choose an airline, hotel, and car rental company and stick with them; loyalty pays off.
    So far (meaning on balance, and compared to others’ experiences) it has worked very well.
    AMERICAN AIRLINES is my ‘go to’ airline for everywhere.

  6. It was US Airways, now American. Their frequent flyer program was great. Hoping American embraces some of their customer friendly options

  7. Well, it was a tough choice between Emirates and Singapore, but Singapore wins to me. Can’t beat their business class, anyway.

  8. Aer Lingus, flying with them feels like I’m already in Ireland before I arrive.

  9. I do love American Airlines and am 90% sure I will be using them for my Morocco trip (so I really hope to win!!) but I really loved flying with Korea Air last year.

  10. In preparation for a planned overseas trip I have read many travel blogs. What I enjoy about your blog is firstly, the honest appraisals of your experience and secondly, the scoring at the end of the review. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, I take great delight in perusing all your reviews. The review of Austrian Airlines for me, will definitely be the airline with which I fly to Europe. Unfortunately Austrian Airlines do not fly out of Australia, so I will travel to Bangkok to connect with an Austrian Airlines flight.

  11. In Africa I vote Kenya Airways because they have drastically improved their business class and the lounges are fantastic! World wide I choose Emirates

  12. My vote goes to Alitalia, they had the best food.

    Thanks for an amazing Summer giveaway! Would love to use a free flight towards my honeymoon next November 🙂

  13. My favorite definitely American Airlines! They have the best frequent flyer program and part of the best airlines alliance program namely Oneworld. I’m their executive platinum member and love how royal customers are being treated.

  14. Your youtube channel should be part of the sweeptakes too! I enjoyed your youtube channel a lot. Thanks! #LTEsweepstake #AmericanAirlines

  15. Northwest Airlines is long gone. Merged into Delta bidding farewell to the good flying days. Alas, I’m not please with any, however American Airlines if you need one.

  16. I enjoy American Airlines or US Airways when flying in the United States, and Air France when flying abroad

  17. Hi there, the 2 upgrade were won by Tom t. & Thibault. I will (probably) launch a new giveaway in autumn, since my travel plans (probably) won’t take me on AA anymore for the remainder of the year (so I will have some upgrades left). Best

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