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  1. Hello!! I am from México, I travel a lot in luxury properties, I found you site and I agree so much with you choises around the world, so I wanted to ask your opinion about choosing a the best hotel for me and my husband (35&37) in the maldives between cheval blanc, velaa, one&only, four seasons and maalifushi. I really appreciate the time you take responding my mail and congrats for this wonderful site! I adore it!!!

  2. Thank you so much!!! I am going to tag you on instagram in some spectacular places we have in Mexico like the celebrities favorite Cuixmala, or Imanta Resort, Hacienda San Antonio, Be Tulum, Hotel Escondido, and so many others!! Thanks Luxury Travel Expert!!!

  3. I really admire your proficiency in the area of luxury travel! Your videos are superb, are you really filming by hand? The shots are so steady and choreographed, it is amazing! I just watched your video on Youtube of the 1st Class Flight London Singapore with the Airbus A 380 and extensive footage of the Lounge in London, really wonderful to watch!

    I am thinking myself to start a website with a similar focus. I have been so disappointed with all my intellectual publishing endeavors, from Selfhelp to Eastern Wisdom to Audiobooks on personal growth, there is no interest or I have not found my audience in all those years.

    I am based in South-East Asia since 20+, since 2004 in Cambodia. Travel is so important for the countries here, an important source of income. Singapore is close and I will visit again next month.

    If you have any advice for me for starting a luxury items website that includes watches, wine, clothes, jewelry perhaps, as my expertise besides the intellectual side is on the culinary side, the ‘good life’ so to speak.

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