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I am not part of the travel industry. I am a doctor with 2 passions: my work and travel. My travel blog is a reference source for fellow travelers with the same spirit. There is an avalanche of travel websites, reviews and agencies out there, that can inspire the discerning traveler but also cause a lot of frustration and confusion (“too many choices!”“is it worth it?”“will it fit my taste?”). I filter all that information into this website about luxury travel, based on my own 20 years long (and ongoing) experience of traveling around the world.

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  1. wow and again wow – just read review of ek a380 c dxb-syd – this is absolutely amazing job you did with that review and wow beautiful photos – what camera do you use? Looking forward to try c on EK A380 with seat 9K
    Thaks for your sharing report with us.

  2. Your website is exactly what i was searching for to get information for several hotels on my coming asia trip! The pros and cons give a great overview to find the perfect luxury hotel for Kuala Lumpur. How many days per year do you spend on travelling?

    Greetings from germany!

  3. i just stumbled upon your website after watching a beautifully well documented journey of yours from dubai to brisbane. I was wondering how did you manage to get the job of travelling the world in style, because that is seriously been a dream of mine for ages, and any advice would be much appreciated. 🙂

    Thanks so much :))

  4. This is by far my favorite travel blog. Loving those YouTube videos! What camera do you use for your videos?

  5. can i know your name who writes on this website, so that i can give reference of your beautiful knowledge about resorts. please revert soon

  6. What is it that you do which allows you to travel so luxuriously? I’d assume you can’t afford to travel this frequently just from Adsense income.

  7. Dr. I have watched many of your video’s and have enjoyed them all, I also like how you edit and publish them. I just saw your review for the launch of the new Emirates B777 Business and First Class (Pub.12/02/2017). Have you had a chance yet to fly the newest First Class B777 yet? I’m wondering if you have and I missed that video. Thank you – Susan

  8. I will upload the trip reports and clips of my two Emirates B777 flights – one in the new Business Class, and one in the new First Class cabin – later this year. Stay tuned 🙂

  9. Dear Mr. Travel Expert,
    Your videos and website are the most elegant, quiet and beautiful pictures to watch. If you are not a doctor, you can be a film director,too.
    Thanks for sharing your passions with people around the world.

  10. Accidentally stumbled on one of your YouTube videos. Binge watched all of them…I think!? Thank you. You’ve taken us around the world and back many times over. Look forward to seeing more. You inspired us to plan our travels to some of the exotic places that our beautiful earth has to offer. Our playground awaits! Thank you.

  11. Hallo, what editing software do you use? I love how you edit your clips on YouTube! I‘ve read above that you use a Canon G7x ii camera. I also have the same one! Delighted!

  12. Excelent job! Thanks for sharing. I go to bed every night with your marvelous captions of amazing place, then in my dreams I fly away. To Our blue planet. Hope you can travel to my country sometime. Greetings from the end of the world, Chile.

  13. Hello Luxury Travel Expert. I’m so glad I came across your YouTube channel, my wife and I are going through all your videos now. Your style is very calm and easy to watch, much appreciated. I’m impressed that you are able to keep all your shors in focus even when zooming, something I’m not able to do.

    I notice that above your said you are using a Canon G7x II camera but you also said that you are looking at an upgrade to 4K. Have you selected a 4K camera yet?

    Please keep up the excellent work!

  14. Thank you for your kind comment. So far, I have not selected a 4K camera yet. Any advice is welcome 🙂

  15. Would you be able to tell me of any other way of getting airmiles other than getting a credit card.
    Thank you.

  16. Do you hide your camera somehow when walking around in crowds ? People in the videos do not stare or glare at you like you notice in most tourism videos so it seems almost like a movie set !

  17. Your videos are so soothing to watch. You’ve brought your viewers on places and experiences many of us can aspire to one day have. Thank you.

  18. Hello Dr. my husband and I loved your tour of the 12APOSTLES in Capetown. We are to be there in a month. It was very informative. I personally thought you were in the travel industry and they hosted a site inspection. I have a site inspection scheduled the day we land. Your videos were majestically beautiful.

  19. Hello !
    Just to say I love love loooooove your videos ❤️
    Watching them motivates me to make a lot of money so I can afford those luxurious flights !
    Thank you so much ! You are an inspiration !

  20. Congratulations on your elegant camera work and editing of all your travel videos. They are perfect in every sense and make one feel as if they are in the space. The music too, is beautiful and peaceful. I would love this for my properties. Do you do your own editing. Are Where did you learn to video so perfectly. Your speed/ timing Whilst filming is perfect and eye to detail is amazing too. You are really very talented and your work stands out.

  21. Really enjoy your videos but how do you earn all these points to travel? I mainly rely on credit card bonuses but there’s a limit to that…

  22. I have watched so many of your videos in the last two months I feel like I have traveled the entire world. They are excellent. I have walked past so many of the European hotels you have videoed and wondered what they were like? Thanks for sharing them. Just one question, have you listed any of the music you use on the videos? Maybe you don’t want to share it because it’s so good, I understand, but would love to know.

  23. Hello ,
    I am really enjoying your videos on youtube. What drone do you use? Are you still using the Canon G7 x 11? Thank you!

  24. Hello Doc, i’m Jide Johnson. My wife, Kids and i love your youtube channel. We love your Capri trip, we live in Lagos, Nigeria. what is the best time of the year to visit the town.? I know right now there are flight restrictions. but we can plan for the nearest future..

    Thank you..

  25. @ Jide Johnson: mid-May to mid-October (July and August are too crowded though)

  26. Thank you Doc, i really appreciate your response. Once i start making plans, i’ll let you know. Warm regards

  27. Hi There. I discovered you while being locked down for Covid-19. Your videos on Youtube are one of the things that have kept me sane throughout this crazy time. I love to travel as well and can’t wait until things are somewhat back to normal so I can do so once again. Your videos are beautifully shot and so full of detail. The music is very relaxing as well and I love how you let the places speak for themselves. Thank you for the great content. I always look forward to what you will post next. All the best, Sheila

  28. Hello Doctor! Your videos are realy amaizing! Thank you and keep up the good work! You wrote you were from the heart of Europe. Just wondering where you are from? Thank you in advance for your reply.

  29. Hi Mr.
    I really like your videos and blogs.
    I wanted to know in which country do you practice medicine?

  30. Hi, fantastic work you do, showing the World to all of use. After you have filmed things, how long does it take you to edit your film work? Writing reviews etc, I bet the filming part the easy bit. Selecting the right music to the texting the information. I’m trying to learn from scratch, filming a train in Pisa. Then experimenting with all you can do with the film. Any tips for a beginner, thanks.

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