Tips for booking the best deal at a luxury hotel

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Today: Tips for getting the best deal at a luxury hotel 

When the coronavirus first hit, travelers were canceling their trips left and right. Today, the travel industry is showing encouraging signs of bouncing back from COVID-19. So, it might be a good time to re-blog one of my very first articles, one that I find particularly interesting since it explains my strategy for booking stays at luxury hotels (and how I am able to afford this lifestyle).

Because my audience has grown significantly since I launched the blog a couple of year ago (to over 100,000 blog subscribers and over 800,000+ YouTube followers), I though it couldn’t hurt reposting this article since most of you won’t have read it. When booking a room at a hotel, you will have to choose whether you want the cheapest price for that room, or whether you want to pay more for enjoying extra perks and/or flexibility. Here are my tips for saving money and getting the best deal at a luxury hotel.

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  • Visit Kiwi Collection, a great website featuring the finest luxury hotels in the world.
  • Read Flyertalk reviews (google the name of the hotel + flyertalk).

  • Do not book too late as the top luxury hotels will often sell out months in advance. Do not count on a last-minute deal (which are not offered by most top hotels anyway).
  • When you want to save some bucks, travel in the shoulder season (e.g. summer months for the Caribbean, autumn months for the Maldives), but try to avoid the worst months weather-wise as you may find yourself very disappointed despite the fact that you saved a lot of money!

  • Most of the time, the lowest room rate can be found on the aggregator websites Trivago and Hotelscombined. These aggregators verify hotel prices at hundreds of other hotel booking sites (e.g., Ebookers, etc…) and show where you can book the cheapest rate. Try it out for yourself here:

Find the best deal with

  • Always compare the price that you found on aggregator or member-only websites with the one featured on the official hotel website to make sure that it is the best price indeed. Do not forget to click the “special offers” section that is present on most hotel websites (and which an save you lots of money).
  • If you find elsewhere a lower price than the one offered on the hotel website, make us of a Best Rate Guarantee. Not only will the lower room rate be matched, you will often receive an additional discount as well (of up to 25%)!
  • Make use of discount coupons that you can find anywhere on the internet (google the website of hotel name + coupon). For example, is one of my prefered hotel booking websites that regularly sends out 10% discount coupons by email (albeit not for the big hotel chains though).
  • Except when staying at one of the big hotel chains (Marriott, Hyatt, IHG, Hilton), I always try to book my hotel stays through the website and you can read here why. In a nutshell: is not only very generous in matching the best price that you may have found on another websites, but you also collect credits towards free hotel stays and they have always have discount coupons on offer.
  • Sign-up for the newsletters of your preferred hotel (chains) or booking website. They often email coupons or advanced notifications when they’re having a sale.
  • Stay for free by using hotels points and credits that you collected in a hotel loyalty program (albeit very few of the top luxury hotel chains offer that option though). Click here for more info.
  • Stay for free or at a highly discounted rate by keeping an eye out for erroneous rates on this Flyertalk post.

  • Some of the world’s most exclusive hotel brands (e.g. Aman resorts) will only display the best rates on their official hotel website (so do not waste your time trying to find a lower price on an aggregator or member-only website as you won’t find one).
  • Check the hotel website directly for packages that include extra perks like spa credits, breakfast, or complimentary nights.
  • Absurdly, when booking a room at a top luxury hotel, it is sometimes advised not to book it directly on the hotel website, but rather through a Virtuoso travel advisor. Not only will they create unique journeys and explorations in every corner of the globe, but more importantly, you will also get free access to special amenities and receive complimentary perks (e.g. upgrades, dinners, etc …) which is not the case when you book the same rate via the hotel directly. All hotels were you can enjoy the Virtuoso extra perks are listed on their website. If you are an Aman junkie, like me, then Virtuoso is the only way to book your stay. Read here why I love Virtuoso so much. My preferred Virtuoso travel agency is Classic Travel, not only because of their excellent service, but also because they have an online booking tool.

  • Holders of an American Express premium or Visa Signature credit card can also benefit from extra perks when they make the booking via their credit card travel office and/or pay with their credit card. Contact your local credit card company to find out whether they offer this travel service.
  • Elite members of hotel loyalty programs will receive several benefits during their stay, ranging from late check-out and complimentary WiFi to suite upgrades and breakfast. Click here for more info.
  • Elite members of Cathay Pacific‘s frequent flyer program (Marco Polo Club) are entitled to special benefits (e.g. early check in, late check out, room upgrade, complimentary breakfast) with partners such as Hilton, Hyatt, Fairmont, Marriott, Langham, Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-La, Swissotel, Peninsula, Swire and Ritz-Carlton. While some of these deals only apply to hotels or rentals in the Asia-Pacific region, others do not; the Mandarin Oriental benefit is applicable worldwide, for example.


You can always try your luck to score a complimentary stay at a luxury hotel by reading my tips for getting free hotel nights.

  • Inspiration: this website + the Kiwi Collection.
  • When money is an issue: book outside the high season.
  • Cheapest room rate: mostly found on HotelscombinedTrivago, and/or the official hotel website. Always check all 3 of them.
  • Best Rate Guarantee: match a lower rate and receive an additional discount.
  • Free extra perks: book a package on the hotel website, through a Virtuoso travel agent, or via your credit card travel office.
  • Complimentary stay: subscribe to of a (hotel) loyalty program.

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