Tips to help you plan the perfect glamping trip

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Today (August 21, 2020): Tips for glamping.

Who ever said roughing it was the only way to experience the outdoors? Glamping serves mother nature’s best on a silver platter…no roughing required. This transformative style of travel offers adventurers unique opportunities to escape their routines, unwind and immerse themselves into unfamiliar surroundings. With so many spectacular glamping getaways available around the globe, here are five tips to help you plan the perfect trip.

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Budget Wisely

Much like its rudimentary counterpart camping, glamping exists on a spectrum and options are available at several different price points. To varying degrees, glampers will be equipped with more amenities than mother nature alone can provide. However, comfort can be costly. All-inclusive glamping resorts may set you back thousands of dollars per night, but offer virtually every perk of a five-star hotel including bathrooms, beds, chefs, climate controls and more. Travelers must also factor in the cost of additional activities and visiting attractions, which vary by destination and duration.

Choose the perfect destination

Although COVID-19 has propelled glamping up to the top of our bucket lists, this travel style has actually been a worldwide phenomenon for several years. Orchards, ranches, vineyards and other land owners around the globe have capitalized on the trend, turning their properties into luxe glamping escapes. In the U.S., glampers can choose between sites along the California coast, quirky tipi tents in Texas, posh Montana resorts like Paws Up and more! Glamping destinations in Europe, Africa and Australia also offer their own unique experiences.

Pack for the climate

One of the many perks of glamping is not having to lug around heavy camping equipment, clothes and gear. Most glampsites will provide all the equipment travelers need for comfortable stays and exciting outdoor activities. With only clothes to fill your bags, you should have enough space to prepare for unpredictable weather, especially if you are travelling abroad and are unfamiliar with the area. If planning fun outdoor activities, be sure to slip in some extra basics to avoid ruining your favorite outfits.

Experience the Great Outdoors

Glamping is a great opportunity to venture off the beaten path for uncharted adventures. Glampsites around the world provide unfiltered access to picturesque scenery and enchanting wildlife, although activities and attractions will vary by destination and season. From trekking through national parks and sailing across sparkling waters to roasting s’mores around blazing campfires, your options are limitless.

Do your research

Extensive research is important for even the most experienced glampers to properly prepare for an international glamping getaway. Travelers should familiarize themselves on the best modes of travel, expenses to anticipate and the local climate and customs. Glamping during the global pandemic requires taking some additional precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Stay updated on travel restrictions and local public health guidelines both at home and for your destination before and during your trip.

Glamping getaways may take many forms around the globe, but each one is meant for making memories you will cherish for life. Follow these five essential tips to plan an unforgettable glamping experience and let your journey begin!

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