Top 10 most amazing Airbus A380 First Class cabins

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Today (April, 2020): Top 10 best Airbus A380 First Class cabins.

The Airbus A380 is the largest and heaviest passenger aircraft in the world. It is 73 m (240 ft) long, 24 m (78 ft) high, and has a take-off weight of up to 560 tons. If all the wiring inside the A380 is laid end to end, it will stretch from London to Edinburgh, a distance of 515 km (320 mi). Each of its four engines can develop a thrust of 70,000 pounds; that’s equivalent to something like 3500 cars all running at full power. Ecologically speaking, the A380 also raises the bar as it uses less fuel, produces very low noise emissions and can even ‘think’ for itself and automatically apply the brakes after landing on the runway. Unfortunately, although the A380 is popular with passengers, Airbus has announced it will end production of its A380 superjumbo passenger jet in 2021 after failing to secure orders. In addition, it is highly likely that the current coronavirus pandemic will send the A380 into early retirement. Only 14 airlines across the globe are still operating the megaplane, but that hasn’t stopped them from creating spectacular and game-changing First Class products onboard their flagship A380 planes. Here’s my overview of the 10 most astonishing First Class cabins offered on the A380.

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The United Kingdom’s national carrier offers dedicated service, exceptional comfort and understated British elegance onboard its 12 A380 planes. The First Class suite – 14 in total per A380, all located on the lower deck – is a haven of style and comfort where sophisticated and contemporary British design meet impeccable service and attention to detail (although it does feel more like an excellent Business Class seat rather than a genuine First Class product). Whenever you want some rest, the crew will turn your seat into a 198 cm (6 feet and 6 inches) fully flat bed with a luxurious quilted mattress, crisp white cotton duvet and pillow while you slip into a pair of wonderfully soft cotton pajamas. You will also feel refreshed during your flight with British Airways’ exclusive Temperley amenity kit designed exclusively for First, containing an arsenal of Elemis skincare products. Remarkably, British Airways’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft (read here my trip report) features a more advanced and sophisticated First Class product as compared to the one on the Airbus A380.


Korean Air has furnished their A380s with only 407 seats, far less seats than all other A380 airlines. All 12 First Class seats (so-called Kosmo Suites) are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration in the front of the main deck. At 67 cm (26.5 inches) wide, the seat in the Kosmo Suites is considerably wider than a regular First Class seat. The 200 cm (79-inch) long one-piece, jointless seat mat ensures maximum comfort and helps reduce fatigue on long flights. Each suite offers an individual office space with a large screen positioned for privacy and a comfortable work table. Korean Air is currently updating the Kosmo Suites by adding sliding doors, which will provide you to see through walls only from the inside, not from the outside. The Korean Air A380 also features the ‘Celestial Bar’, a convenient relaxation space for First and Business Class passengers: its chic interior design, exquisite lighting and impressive sky lounge provide the perfect atmosphere to wind down and relax while sipping on specially crafted cocktails that can only be experienced on Korean Air.


The decor and ambience onboard Thai Airways’ A380s reflects the airline’s long-established image, combining rich vibrant colors with traditional design element seen, for example, on bulkhead murals. The overall atmosphere is chic and sophisticated, with variable cabin ‘mood’ lighting simulating different times of the day. Thai Airways Royal First Class cabin onboard the A380 provides just 12 compartment-style seats, offering greater privacy in a separate cabin, combined with the highest degree of personal service. Seats have a pitch of 210 cm (83 inches), a width of 67 cm (26.5 inches) and a 180 degree, fully-flat bed configuration. The 58 cm (23 inch) AVOD interactive touch screen entertainment and information system offers almost unlimited channels, plus there is full connectivity for WiFi, mobile and SMS communications devices, with an in-seat PC Power outlet. Other exclusive facilities include spacious lavatory/dressing room, and a Royal First lounge on-board that serves as a multipurpose area.


The Australian airline has equipped its 12 A380 aircrafts with 450 seats and it was the first A380 airline with a four-class configuration. The 14 spacious, semi-open First Class Suites are located in the forward main deck and can be converted into flat beds measuring 212 cm (83.5 inches) in length and 83 cm (28.7 inches) in width. The suite also features a 43 cm (17 inch) touch screen and an ottoman so passengers can host a companion inside their suite during the flight. Qantas’ Bedding Down service features luxurious pillows, blankets, a duvet as well as a sheepskin mattress. Designed exclusively by Martin Grant, the unisex navy and black trim Qantas First pajamas are 100 per cent cotton, feature a tailored neckline and tapered silhouette to ensure elegant comfort in the First cabin, and come with matching slippers. Stylish male and female First amenity kits come in the same navy hues and feature a range of hydrating ASPAR by Aurora Spa products, Martin Grant-designed travel socks, dental kit, ear plugs and deodorant. And food onboard is great as well, with all meals designed by Neil Perry, prepared on board and made to order with the finest ingredients.


All Nippon Airways (ANA) operates three A380s exclusively on the Japan-Hawaii route, all painted in special “sea turtle” liveries. The First Class cabin on ANA’s A380s is located on the upper deck and is an exclusive space with only eight seats, featuring a wallpaper patterned with a starry sky. Seats are laid out across two rows in a 1-2-1 configuration, and are separated from the Business Class section by an extended galley space. Each seat features its own door and provides passengers with the privacy they desire for a relaxing flight. All First Class seats have a 32-inch LCD widescreen monitor, a wide table, extra reading lights, and a personal linen closet. There is also an adjustable partition screen between the centre seats and plenty of stowage including a closet for jackets and several compartments for smaller items. Inside the cabin, graphics and lighting aim to emulate Hawaiian scenery including sunrises, starry skies and rainbows. Ahead of First Class in the A380’s dead space, ANA has a galley monument on top of which is a self-service bar featuring a dark blue background, wood slats on either side, and finishes of dark gray and an almost copper-looking metal.


The First Class cabin atmosphere onboard Lufthansa’s A380 – with its clear lines, timeless design, and muted colors – creates a unique sense of spaciousness above the clouds with many details that make any trip more enjoyable than before. The plane features eight large seats located on the upper deck and arranged in a pleasantly open design. An individually operable and adjustable screen lets passengers decide how much privacy they want at any time. A refreshing detail: the first automatic air humidification system on board a commercial airliner creates a pleasant cabin climate. The A380 becomes even quieter with such features as sound-insulating curtains and footfall sound insulation, which help reduce background noise so passengers can devote themselves entirely to relaxation. A convenient wardrobe has plenty of room for storing luggage or clothes, and the crew hands out a soft throw blanket, pajamas and other useful items. There’s also more room to move when you stand up too, thanks to the absence of overhead bins – just one of many details that will make a journey in Lufthansa’s First Class more enjoyable than ever before.

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  • Review: read my review of Lufthansa’s First Class in an A380 here.


The First Class cabin on Qatar Airways’ (small) A380 fleet is located in the front of the upper deck and features only 6 ultra-wide seats tailored in the softest fabric and with signature design elements. Central and aisle dividers afford more privacy, which can be raised or lowered to provide a feeling of extra spaciousness when traveling with a companion. It is a flexible space: the seat automatically reclines into a fully flat bed (with Frette linen and a duvet) and the table can be extended to allow two people to dine in style. Qatar Airways’ award-winning cabin crew looks after passenger’s every need and delivers the world-class service that the airline is known for. From celebrity-chef signature dishes to luxurious amenity kits and ultra-comfortable sleeper suits and slippers, Qatar Airways pampers its First Class passengers from check-in to destination. Qatar Airways’ A380 aircraft also feature a very stylish lounge which is the ideal place for First and Business Class customers to relax, read their favorite magazines, enjoy fresh food and delicious snacks, or sample the airline’s signature beverages.


If you value privacy and personalized service above all else, you’ll love Emirates’ First Class private, gold-clad suites. Emirates’ A380 planes feature 14 First Class suites, all of them located on the forward upper deck. Each suite comes fully equipped with a sliding door, a personal mini-bar, adjustable ambient lighting, and its own vanity table, mirror, wardrobe, and privacy divider for central suites. And if you want to stretch out and sleep, the crew will convert your seat to a fully flat-bed with a mattress, so you can arrive at your destination totally refreshed. From sumptuous à la carte cuisine to a tasty midnight snack, Emirates’ cabin crew will prepare your meals whenever the mood takes you. And you will be pampered on other levels as well with recently introduced, new set of amenity kits featuring Bulgari’s woody floral fragrance – Eau Parfumée au thé noir. In addition, Emirates’ First Class passengers can now slip in to the world’s first moisturizing sleepwear for the skies, which uses Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology to keep the skin soft while flying: the fabric gently releases naturally nutrient rich sea kelp as you move around, preventing dehydration and stimulating circulation.


The Abu Dhabi-based carrier Etihad Airways pushes luxury to a sky-high new level and beyond First Class with its First Apartments on board its (small fleet of) A380 superjumbos. More than just a seat, the First Apartment is upholstered with the finest leather and features a wide armchair and a separate bed of 208 cm (6 feet and 10 inches). There is even space to walk around after closing the privacy doors. Six of the First Apartments are interconnecting, perfect for when you’re traveling with a companion. Alternatively you might want to invite a traveling partner from First Class to join you in your apartment for a meal or a meeting. Inside your apartment, you’ll find a vanity unit with lit make-up mirror. You can change in to complimentary loungewear and hang your suit in a full-length wardrobe. And before landing, you can freshen up in the First Class bathroom with an energizing shower using exclusive Parma Di Acqua toiletries.


The Singapore Airlines First Class suites, exclusively offered on board the Airbus A380 aircraft, provide the distinguished few with their very own haven of tranquility. The carrier’s new First Class A380 cabin features 6 suites within the front cabin of the upper deck (compared to 12 suites on the lower deck of the carrier’s A380s with the old layout). Each suite comes with a separate full-flat bed with adjustable recline and plush, swivel leather chair, enabling passengers to lounge comfortably in the chair or rest in bed without the need to convert the bed from a sitting position. For couples travelling together, the beds in the first two suites of each aisle can be converted to form a double bed. Each suite also has a 32 inch full HD monitor, a full-sized personal wardrobe, specially designed carpet and a feature wall with mood lighting – all exquisitely crafted to give a touch of luxury and intimacy. Acclaimed chefs bring fine dining onboard with creations inspired by cuisines and cultures from around the world. And when it’s time for some sleep, passengers can request Singapore Airlines’ signature turndown service, with fine linen and plush, full-sized pillows, ensuring a restful slumber.

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  1. Some of these 1st class products look incredible. I have only done Business Class on British Airway’s A380. Service was fine. The equipment itself was lackluster. And, I absolutely hate those foot stools. That is NOT a comfortable way to stretch out. Why not normal lay flat seats?

    I do notice no USA airlines. Even if the actual equipment wasn’t sub-par, the SERVICE would kill ya.

  2. A very impressive and enjoyable review of world famous airlines at A380 First Class cabins! Everything is thought out to the smallest detail for maximum comfort during long flights. Taking into account that all passengers are different, I believe that the range of services, comfort, service and a wide range of gourmet dishes fully satisfy the needs of each passenger individually. It is difficult to name the best of the presented airlines: each of them deserves a high rating and which airline to choose for travel for passengers cannot be burdensome. Thank You so much our dear Great Luxury Travel Expert for Your very helpful and very interesting information !

  3. Are you sure BA First is better than for example Cathay Pacific First Class or Air France la premiere?

  4. @Victor: First Class on Cathay Pacific is much better than the one on British Airways, but unfortunately, Cathay doesn’t have A380s. Air France’s B777 First Class product is brilliant, but its A380 First Class is subpar.

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