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Today (December 19, 2014): tips for healthy air travel.

Everyone wants to arrive at his/her destination feeling relaxed and refreshed! Regardless of whether you need to rejuvenate for your holiday or be effective at achieving your goals on a business trip, these simple tips will help you enjoy your journey while flying longhaul:

  • Drink plenty of water. Rehydrate with water of juices frequently. Drink tea and coffee in moderation.
  • Skip alcohol. Alcohol will dehydrate and bloat you. It could also cause you to miss your flight as airlines are not allowed to board passengers appearing to be intoxicated.
  • Travel lightly. Carry only the essential item that you will need during your flight.
  • Wear glasses. Cabin air is drier that normal, therefore swap your contact lenses for glasses.
  • Use skin moisturizer. Apply a good quality moisturizer to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out.
  • Strengthen your immune system. Eat right and exercise the day before you fly. Think fresh fruit and vegetables, less sugar, and whole grains. A healthy lifestyle may prevent you from catching your neighbors cold!
  • Keep moving. Excercise your lower legs and calf muscles. This encourages blood flow.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Loosen clothing, remove jacket and avoid anything pressing against your body.
  • Sleep. Get a good nights rest the night before you fly. If not, flying will make you extremely tired. Add the stress you’ll probably be feeling and you have a recipe for exhaustion.
  • Outsmart gems. Anyplace people are cooped up eating, sneezing, and touching stuff, things get dirty. Washing your hands or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer is the number-one way to avoid getting sick,
  • Eat light. The rise in air pressure and stress during a flight can slow digestion, leaving you feeling inflated.

Enjoy the weekend and stay tuned for Monday when I reveal a new top 10 travel list.

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