Travel tip: ExpertFlyer will change the way you fly

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Today (June 23, 2017): Travel Tip: ExpertFlyer will change the way you fly.

With increasingly limited availability of award seats on planes and more and more miles and points flooding the system, finding a Business Class tickets for a reasonable number of miles is harder than ever. However, with ExpertFlyer, you’ll stay on top of what flights to take, the fares to pay, where to sit on the plane and how best to maximize your elite upgrades and frequent flyer miles. ExpertFlyer is an award-winning airline travel information website that gives you a way to check availability of award tickets and upgrades on many airlines, and for a small monthly fee, you will receive an instant notification when an upgrade (or an award seat) becomes available. You can always try out ExpertFlyer with a free subscription for 5 days.

I hereby give you an overview of ExpertFlyer, which I consider to be one of the most helpful websites for frequent flyers.

Today, the trend in air travel planning has become the responsibility of the passenger and ways of accessing and understanding information is complex. With the proliferation of online booking services, the scarcity of truly knowledgeable travel agents and the increased desire for frequent flyer awards and elite upgrades, frequent flyers are desperate to find as much unbiased information as possible to maximize their travel experience at minimal expense. was designed to meet the needs of the frequent flyer, the airline mileage program “elite tier” passengers, professional travel managers, and the occasional air traveler looking for the best values.

ExpertFlyer is a subscription-based website with three (3) types of plans: Basic ($4.99/month), Premium ($9.99/month), and Annual ($100/year) to suit a wide range of needs. You can always try out ExpertFlyer with a free subscription for 5 days here.

With ExpertFlyer, subscribers can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on airline tickets, find a more desired seat on a flight at no additional cost, set automatic alerts for searches on Award and Upgrades, and so much more. As a subscriber, here are a few of the features and benefits you can expect to receive.

  • Flight Availability – Shows flights, times, fare class availability and available connections for different airlines between a pair of cities on a specific day
  • Flight Alerts – Program up to 20 alerts at a time and request notification of any upgrade or award ticket matches be sent to three separate email addresses including cell phones, and via email.  Flight Alerts saves hours of frustration and time searching for upgrades or award tickets.
  • Aircraft Change Alerts – With Aircraft Change Alerts, travelers no longer need to worry about unexpected seat reassignments due to a last minute change in aircraft equipment. By setting an alert, ExpertFlyer will automatically notify you if there is an aircraft change so you can contact the airline to confirm your desired seat. It can monitor aircraft equipment for up to 30 flight segments and travelers can set up to three different email addresses to be notified of any changes.
  • Seat Alerts – If you book a flight and get stuck in the middle seat or some other undesirable seat, you can set a Seat Alert and it will notify you when a preferred seat you select (Any Aisle, Any Window or specific seats) becomes available. This saves hours of time and frustration of ongoing searches for preferred seating. Seat Alerts is fast, easy, and automatic.  It is also available as a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices. In addition, SeatGuru is available as an overlay so you can see what amenities are available with specific seats before you set an alert.
  • Airline Award and Upgrade – Shows Award and Upgrade availability for flights in real-time. If an award ticket or upgrade is not available on a particular flight, you can set an alert and ExpertFlyer will notify you the moment a requested award ticket or upgrade becomes available. The time and frustration alone with this type of ongoing search is worth the annual subscription.
  • Comprehensive Fare Information – ExpertFlyer will show all published fare pricing between cities one-way or roundtrip, and Around the World (RTW) fares. This feature also shows both the fare class and booking class and includes all fare rules and routing rules associated with each ticket class. This can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, especially if you plan to upgrade a coach ticket. For example, the cheapest ticket may not allow an upgrade but a different ticket costing only $50 more would allow an upgrade. This information allows you to see your options and make a more informed purchase decision…and save lots of money in the process.
  • Mobile Access – The fastest and most convenient way for subscribers to access up-to-the minute flight availability, Flight Alerts, Seat Alerts, and Seat Maps from their Web-enabled cell phone.
  • Detailed Seat Maps – Shows available and occupied seat locations for a particular flight on a particular day for 100+ airlines.
  • Query Storage – Allows the saving by name of a particular query for information for repeated use.

To learn more about the features of ExpertFlyer, visit

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