Sponsor cancer research for free!

We offer you this charity option and all you have to do is traveling and using our website to plan your travels. It will cost you absolutely nothing. Even better: using our tips and advice, you will always get the best hotel deal and the cheapest plane ticket. The “travel with a heart” concept combines and inspires our two passions: traveling and cancer research (we are highly motivated doctors and researchers after all).

How does it work?

Just plan your travels using our website & links!

When you book your travels, you will always pay a small fee or commission to your travel agent or the travel booking website. This commission is mostly 1-5% of the total trip cost, although many travelers are not aware of this. We are currently not offering a booking option. But we do get a commission for (travel bookings made through) links on our website. You don’t have to use our links, but we’re very grateful when you do. And when you do that, you might be excited to know that we will donate 25% of those commissions (your money!) to one or more scientific research project(s) dedicated to finding a cure against cancer. We will publish the details of this grant once a year (first report: December 2015).

Key points of ‘travel with a heart’
  • Sponsor cancer research for free: there are no hidden costs.
  • Use our travel tips and we guarantee you the best hotel deal and the cheapest plane ticket.
  • Book your travels online, using our links referring to your preferred website (see below).
  • Find a list of merchants that offer us a commission here.
  • 25% of all commissions (your money) is donated to scientific cancer research.
  • Each December, we will post a report on the donation and the funded cancer project.
  • Many small contributions can make a huge difference, so start traveling with a heart!

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