11 websites that you need to check before you fly

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Today (April 25, 2014): Travel tip: 11 websites to check before you fly.
  • Choose the best seat onboard with the help of Seatguru.
  • Check whether your flight has a scheduled on time departure & arrival with Flightaware.
  • Inform yourself about the safety reputation of your airline on Airline Ratings.
  • Avoid flying with one of the carriers listed on the European Union’s black list. The latter represents a list of (unsafe) airlines banned within the EU.
  • Know your rights when your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked.
  • Know your rights when your luggage is delayed or lost.
  • Check the website of your departure airport and find out what to do. Spending time at the airport doesn’t need to be boring, as more and more airports start offering extensive shopping facilities, museums, and spas.
  • Be sure that you have applied for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) when the USA is your end destination.


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  1. You also need a ESTA if transiting in the USA 🙂 so take care of that too
    same goes for Canada

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